Kleen Sweep Your Lot

Keep your parking lot in Gilmer, Texas, looking pristine and welcoming with Kleen Sweep Services.

Our expert team uses advanced equipment to remove dirt, debris, and leaves, ensuring a clean, safe, and attractive space for your customers and employees.

Choose Kleen Sweep for reliable, efficient parking lot sweeping that elevates your property's appearance and appeal.

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Our Services

Garage and Parking Lot Sweeping

Take your property’s first impression to the next level. Our top-notch garage and parking lot sweeping services ensure a spotlessly clean welcome for every visitor and employee.

Event Clean-Up

Make your event unforgettable for all the right reasons with our swift, thorough clean-up services, leaving your venue spotless and ready for the next big occasion.

Litter Control and Removal

Transform your space into a clean, inviting environment with our litter control and removal services, where every detail matters for a pristine impression.


Construction Clean-Up

Ensure safety and the highest standards with your next construction project. Our meticulous clean-up services ensure your site is spotless and project-ready from start to finish.

Exterior Portering

Boost your property's curb appeal and functionality with our exterior portering services, keeping your outdoor spaces immaculate and welcoming for everyone.

Sand and Gravel Removal

Keep your streets and parking lots clean and safe by letting us sweep away all that pesky sand and gravel, no mess left behind.


Gilmer’s Trusted Parking Lot Sweeping Company

See What Makes Kleen Sweep Stand Out

Picking Kleen Sweep means you're getting more than just a team to clean up trash; you're getting a partner who really cares about making your place shine. We're all about sticking around for the long haul, not just showing up once and disappearing.

We're proud to make sure your place looks amazing, making it a safe and welcoming spot for everyone who comes by or works there.

More About Us


GPS Systems

Every Kleen Sweep truck has a GPS tracker, so both we and our customers can keep an eye on how well the cleaning and sweeping is going. This way, we make sure we're doing the best job possible. Plus, if you want, we can give you reports from the GPS on our trucks, showing you exactly what we've done, making everything clear and straightforward.

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