Kleen Sweep has been helping East Texas businesses and property managers maintain a clean, inviting exterior since 1979. We provide both as-needed and regular power sweeping, including clearing walkways and maintaining a litter-free property.

For our non-local clients, we’re proud to serve as their eyes and ears on the property, helping them not only maintain an inviting exterior but identify necessary repairs and other needs.

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Parking Lot Sweeping Services in and near Longview

Power Sweeping

Whether you’re a large property management company or a mom-and-pop small business, Kleen Sweep can help. We offer regularly scheduled sweeping services according to your schedule, so whenever your parking lot needs attention, we can be there.

Post-Event Clean Up

Large events can leave behind a lot of debris that would take hours to clean with brooms. Kleen Sweep offers an alternative that can get your lot clean and ready for business again. Schedule ahead of time to ensure your lot looks great even the next day.

Emergency Clean Up

A sudden weather event can leave your parking lot covered in debris. Branches, leaves, dirt, and gravel can make it difficult and even unsafe to drive on. Kleen Sweep offers emergency clean-up that will ensure your customers are safe.

Litter & Trash Clean Up

As part of our power sweeping services, our technicians will walk the property to clear walkways and other areas. This will ensure that your entire property, not just your parking lot, is presentable and clean.

Trusted Parking Lot Cleaning Services Since 1979

Kleen Sweep’s dedication to honesty, integrity, and quality services has made us the most trusted parking lot sweeping company in East Texas. We always strive to go above and beyond for our clients to ensure they’re satisfied and their property looks its best.

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