Put Your Best Foot Forward With Parking Lot Litter Control

You get one shot at a first impression.

Customers are more discerning than ever–because they have more options than ever before.

If they see an unsightly parking lot, that informs their impression of your business.

Contact Kleen Sweep today for exterior cleaning services. We’ll help you make a first impression you’re proud of.

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What We Offer

Garage and Parking Lot Sweeping

Make sure your parking lot looks its best. Our parking lot sweeping services for your Lufkin, TX, business help you look your best–always.

Litter Control and Removal

When trash piles up around your dumpsters and truck loading areas, pests take that as an invitation. We send pests packing by keeping your areas clean.

Construction Clean-Up

Keep your employees safe and your projects moving efficiently with construction site clean-up from Kleen Sweep.


Sand and Gravel Removal

As sand and gravel pile up, it makes your business unappealing and your parking areas potentially unsafe. Kleen Sweep can help you fix that.

Event Clean-up

Turn around your events quickly and easily by letting us handle the clean-up work. We’ll make sure your space looks exactly like it did before the event.

Exterior Portering

Kleen Sweep will handle all the little details that your competition may be ignoring. We’ll take care of litter, trash bins, exterior windows and trim, and all the small things.


Lufkin’s Parking Lot Sweeping Company

It’s not hard to pick up litter. What’s difficult is doing it perfectly every time.

Kleen Sweep has the highest commitment to quality, and our team of professionals is here to get it right every time, so you never have to worry.

More About Us

GPS Tracking on All of Our Trucks

Our trucks have GPS trackers, letting us–and you–know how each one of our trucks is doing. This helps us ensure you get the best cleaning possible.

If you like, we can also provide you with the GPS reports so you can see what was done for yourself.

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