Professional Litter Control for Your Parking Lot

You don’t get a do-over on your first impression. If your customers see a dirty parking lot, that’s how they view your business.

Enhance the safety and aesthetics of your property with our detailed exterior cleaning services.

Kleen Sweet is here to help you make a memorable first impression.

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What We Offer

Event Clean-Up

Skip the hassle of cleaning up after the event. Let Kleen Sweep handle that transition for you, and we’ll get your event space looking new again.

Garage & Parking Lot Sweeping

Make your parking places inviting. Our high-quality parking lot sweeping in Longview keeps your spaces looking their best.

Litter Control and Removal

Don’t let pests run wild through your parking lots. We’ll keep your dumpster and truck loading areas clean to ward off pests and keep everyone safe.


Construction Clean-up

It’s important to employee safety to keep your construction spaces clean. A clean, safe space means an easier project and more efficient work.

Sand & Gravel Removal

Keep your property in good shape by removing sand and gravel before they have a chance to pile up and make it unsightly.

Exterior Portering

Let Kleen Sweep handle the small details. We’ll take care of litter, trash bins, cleaning your windows, and all the small touches that make your property shine.


Longview’s Professional Parking Lot Sweeping Company

Anyone can pick up litter. Not just anyone, though, can run a team of professionals that do it perfectly every single time.

Kleen Sweep is here to make sure that your parking lots are looking their best after each of our visits.

More About Us

GPS Tracking on Each Truck

All of our trucks have GPS trackers, letting Kleen Sweep and our customers know how well each of our trucks is doing. This way, we ensure you’re getting the best cleaning possible–every time.

If you want, we can even provide you with the GPS reports so you can see exactly what was done.

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