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First impressions can only be made once.

Show your customers that you care with a clean parking lot.

Enhance the safety, appearance, and value of your property with detailed exterior cleaning services from Kleen Sweep.

We help you make a first impression that will last.

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Our Services

Garage and Parking Lot Sweeping

Make everyone feel welcome. With our top-notch parking lot sweepers in Henderson, we make sure your parking area is tidy, looks good, and is safe for both visitors and staff.

Event Clean-Up

Make switching from one event to the next super smooth. We offer cleaning services after your event in Henderson. With our help, you can get your event space looking just like it did before, no sweat.

Litter Control and Removal

Get rid of dangers and stop pests from spreading, all while keeping your brand looking good. We keep dumpster zones and truck loading areas clean from trash and clutter, making sure everything's tidy and safe for everyone.


Construction Clean-Up

Clean species ensure smooth and efficient work. Whether you've just finished building or need cleaning throughout the project, our construction cleanup services will keep your site perfectly clean.

Exterior Portering

Make a fantastic first impression. Our porter services in Henderson cover picking up litter, emptying bins, cleaning outside windows and ledges, and fixing small things that break.

Sand and Gravel Removal

Stop dangers before they start, keep your property's surfaces in good shape, and keep your landscaping looking beautiful. We're experts at getting rid of sand and gravel that can pile up over time.


Henderson’s Trusted Parking Lot Sweeping Company

Discover What Makes Kleen Sweep Special

Picking Kleen Sweep isn't just about getting someone to pick up litter. It's about finding a team that's really into making your place shine and succeed. We're all about creating strong, lasting connections, not just doing a job and moving on.

Our thorough litter-picking services do more than just clean up; we make sure your place looks fantastic, making it a welcoming and safe spot for everyone who comes by or works there.

More About Us


GPS Tracking

Every Kleen Sweep truck comes with GPS tracking. This lets both us and our customers keep an eye on how well our cleaning and sweeping jobs are going, making sure we do the best job possible. Plus, if our clients want, we can give them GPS reports for our trucks, so they can see exactly where we've been and what we've done.

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